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Cremation: A healthy way to dispose

Every industry is dependent upon the heat and temperature which is the main demand of their products. No product can be prepared without heat weather it is a pin or if it is a helicopter. Even a human body also needs a sufficient amount of heat to alive. Did you hear about cremator furnace? Don’t panic if you don’t know that what cremator is. For those who don’t know about those furnaces, we are here to help you.

Ceramic furnaces are actually a special type of furnace in which dead body of humans is burnt with some special methods. Every country has their different methods of ceramic.

Some did this with coffins and some directly put the body under fire so that they can dispose them. Their disposal body is collected and then treated according to the rituals. This is very important ritual for all of us and it is equally popular among all countries.

Some countries even have their special ritual according to which they collect the ashes of the body and then dispose them into the river or dig them under earth.

This may sound strange but you definitely have seen all these things. In some countries, cremation is only allowed into the cremators furnace on cremating places where only the labors and the experienced persons are allowed to enter.

They put the body under the furnace gently where a very high temperature dispose the whole body and then the remaining ashes and parts are given to the family members or to the friends.

Some people believe to dig the body under earth but this is a very non healthy method and not considered good for the environment.

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