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The Varied Applications of Bell Furnace

If you are into the iron and steel industry, you would have certainly heard about the state of the art bell furnace. Bell furnace is a specialised process used for annealing of coils and offers a great way of heating steel coils, wires, strips and steel parts. Usually, the leading bell furnace manufacturers do a great job in developing movable bell-shaped furnaces and an annealing base. If you own a business in iron and steel sector, then certainly you would hold an interest in knowing some of the exciting facts about bell furnace. Let's have a look below.

The sophisticated process taking place under protective environment

The entire bell annealing process has a number of ordered stages. In the very first stage, the manufacturers tilt the coils into the desired positions with the help of what you call coil tilter and place it on the base. Following this, the coils are stacked on the base to around four times high and covered and sealed right at the base. Now, the manufacturers bring the furnace lower to the stack and this is exactly how the annealing process is performed under the right atmosphere and pressure. The most critical element in the entire process is the nitrogen gas which is blown by the base fun into the furnace. The furnace is usually heated with electric, oil or gas.

Preparing the coils
After the annealing process is executed successfully, cooling hood replaces its heating counterpart for controlled cooling of the coils within the protective gas atmosphere. Now, the coils are ready to be carried off and hence can be loaded on a coil transfer car.

The varied and versatile applications
By now, you must be already curious to learn about the applications of bell furnace. The kinds of steel that are put for annealing in a bell annealer vary from low carbon ones with deep drawing grades to the micro-alloy steels with high strength right up to the alloy steels on the higher end.

No wonder, such an advanced mechanism served a lot of purposes. Here are some of those:

  • Annealing of aluminium and copper products
  • Spheroidized and normal annealing of steel wire
  • Normalisation of steel castings
  • Decarburization of stampings
  • Black annealing of steel strips
  • Malleabilization of iron castings
  • Tempering the strips

You can order one of its kind Bell furnace serves an economical way of doing the entire process. The best part of using the equipment is that it's decked up with positive seal within the base and the furnace and can be equally used with varied bases. More so, you can get customised offerings. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the kind of bell lifting method that would suit you.

Owing to the challenging bell furnace process, you would have certainly understood that it requires a lot of skill and professionalism along with best of the lot quality of the equipment to perform the process in a flawless manner. Hence, it is always advisable to bank upon one of the renowned bell furnace manufacturers in the country which would assure you immaculate quality.

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