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Laboratory oven Manufacturers and Suppliers India

At Shivang Industrial furnace and ovens Pvt. Ltd, we are considered one of the most trusted Laboratory oven manufacturers and suppliers in India with wide product range and industry solutions. The most common applications for our laboratory furnace includes heating options, aging, softening, metal hardening, metal drying etc. Further, our suitable product range can be availed at most suitable prices without compromising on quality standards.

Being reliable Laboratory oven manufacturers and suppliers in India, we do offer drying ovens to eliminate moisture content from the product in order to dry the products at faster rates. Our industrial ovens are available with adjustable intake and exhaust ports to evacuate the air well whenever it is necessary.

Ovens are good to maintain chemical and physical properties of metal at slower rate. It means baking and drying process is completed slowly with our laboratory oven and furnaces.

Laboratory Oven Suppliers India

We offer baking ovens too that heat the product over a given temperature without absorbing its moisture content. In this way, it minimizes the heat loss and holds moisture content as per application usage.

Our supreme range of laboratory ovens and furnaces include vacuum ovens, dehydrating ovens, drying ovens etc. Our product range is featured with all advanced operations to make them most suitable for wide product range. We never compromise on safety standards that enable us to establish ourselves reliable laboratory oven manufacturers worldwide.

Laboratory Oven Manufacturers India - INHEREANT DESIGN FEATURES

  • Robust design and construction
  • Mild steel to withstand temperature 3500”ĘC or more
  • Quality insulation material with ceramic fiber to work above 5500”ĘC or more
  • Safety controls and measures
  • Manual or power operated functions.


laboratory ovens
  • Mild Steel Outer Casing
  • Mild Steel / Aluminum / S.S.Inner Casing
  • Double / Triple Wall Construction


  • 300 X 300 X 300 MM 600 X 600 X 600 MM
  • 400 X 400 X 400 MM 600 X 600 X 900 MM
  • 450 X 450 X 450 MM 750 X 750 X 900 MM
  • 450 X 450 X 600 MM 900 X 900 X 900 MM


  • Up to 250”ĘC
  • Up to 300”ĘC
  • Up to 500”ĘC


  • Natural Convection
  • Hot Air Circulation
  • Hot Air Recirculation


Temperature Recorders, Programmable Controllers, Oven Furniture.

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