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Pusher Type Furnace

Pusher Type Furnace Manufacturers

Pusher type furnace is intended for the continuous treatment of parts under a protective gas environment. Shivang Furnace experts take good care of the environment and facility to produce the premium range of furnaces and kilns for industrial clients. Being one of the eminent pusher type furnace manufacturers, we do provide customize furnace designs to our clients. Our continuous gas carburizing or pusher furnaces are fabricated on the basis of designs and prototypes prepared by our engineers. We are leading pusher furnace suppliers delivering our best range of products to rest of the world. You can avail pusher furnaces for continuous gas carburizing from Shivang Furnace.

Our furnaces are fully automatic and incorporate many unique and innovative features. The furnaces manufactured at Shivang Furnace offer-

  • Maximum flexibility
  • High reproducibility
  • Greater uptime
  • Lower energy costs

Application of pusher furnaces
Usually, these furnaces are applied in thermo-chemical heat treatment plants to perform operations like carburizing and hardening, stress relieving, annealing, ageing, and solution treating.

Pusher furnaces are always customized and designed as per the production requirement, type of components and process requirement, space availability, etc. Gas used for process and heating can be Propane/ LPG/ Natural gas.

Advantages of Pusher furnace ?

  • High operational safety
  • Optimum repeatability
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Flexible processing with multi-row system
  • Floor mounted oil quench tanks are enough and you doní»t need to buy costly pits

Shivang Furnace is among pioneer Pusher Type Furnace Manufacturers and leading the Pusher Furnace Suppliers market by delivering the top class models of Pusher Furnace for Continuous gas carburizing and other processes. If you need any assistance regarding pusher type furnace, contact us.

We provide quality services for pusher type furnace and other range of products.

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